Providing Dogs for Law Enforcement

How Things Once Were...

Years ago, Covina had 3 police dogs assigned to trained officers, these dogs were responsible for amazing service in the field. Many criminals surrendered peacefully upon the realization that a police dog was viewing them as lunch.

Why Are We Here???

Due to budget cutbacks in the City, we no longer have canine assistance in the field with our police. Crime rates are up and morale is down. We plan to bring the K9 force back into the field with trained officers.

What Can I Do???

These amazing animals don't come cheap. They are trained for many months, then delivered to specially selected officers for one-on-one training. This costs money but YOU can help us in this effort by making a donation to our fund!

About Us

In June 2015 Officer Rasmussen and K-9 Officer, Jarno (pictured here) teamed up. Jarno is Covina’s first K-9 officer in 12 years. Jarno is a Belgium Malinois. These dogs were originally bred to be herding dogs, they are very intelligent, and have an intensive work ethic making them a perfect police dog. Depending on several factors such as age, physical condition and temperament, they can work up to six years. Jarno is trained in search and drug identification.

It is important to remember that K-9s like Jarno are specially trained to respond to criminal activity just as a police officer is trained. The K-9 and partner are a special team together which help to make the city a safer place to live, work and visit. Recently, a group of concerned citizens got together to figure out how to put the K9 contingent back on the streets. Since Covina's budget didn't allow for the expense, it was decided to start a funding drive to acquire the dogs for our officers.

F.A.Q. (click on a question)

Why do we need another K-9 Officer in Covina?
Optimally, we should have three or more officers because the K-9 and its partner cannot work around the clock. This would give us one for each shift. If we had four K-9s we would have back-ups. It is important that the K-9 and its partner train regularly to keep in sync with each other. Additionally, one or the other could be injured or sick and thus unable to be on duty.
Sometimes I see a K-9 Officer with a vest on, and sometimes not. Why?
Depending on the weather and the situation, K-9s can overheat if they wear vests and other items. Their partners are there to protect them from this potential danger.
Who pays for veterinarian bills?
The Police Department has a budget for veterinarian bills, however bills that go over and above budget must be paid by other means. That is one of the missions for K-9 Partners of Covina.
How much does a K-9 cost?
Police departments can use a variety of dog breeds. The most common are Belgium Malinois or German Shepard. The dogs have basic training when purchased for the police department. The cost per dog can range between $10,000 and $15,000. Specialized training can cost up to an additional $15,000.
How can I help to protect Covina?
If you see something report it!... You may also donate to K-9 Partners of Covina so we can help to purchase, train, and outfit for a new K-9 Officer.
How much of my donation will go to the K-9 Program, and how much goes to administrative costs?
We are all volunteers. There is no salary, office rent, utilities to pay. We do have costs such as costs to order checks. Other than that 100% of your donation goes to help.
Why do police officers need a K-9?
It is a fact that persons who have been arrested say they would rather be shot than bit by a dog. Thus, they will give up before they argue with a K-9. Additionally, K-9s have a keen sense of smell which enables them to find people and contraband. Humans do not have this ability.
Where does the K-9 live?
They become a member of their partner’s family and live in his or her home when not on duty.
Are they safe around the public?
Yes. However this requires a significant amount of training so that the K-9 can be trusted among the general public – while at any given time their partner may give a command, and the K-9 respond appropriately.

Upcoming Events

K9 Partners of Covina is a new non-profit organization with the mission to garner financial and community support for the Covina Police Department’s K-9 program. Our mission is to raise funds for the procurement, specialized training, medical care and supplies to maintain and grow this wonderful program. K9 Partners of Covina is hosting a few upcoming events. Please put them on your calendar. We need YOUR support.

April 22, 2017Bark and BBQ
Heritage Plaza
444 N. Citrus St., Covina
Free Hot Dogs, raffles, music, Don't miss the K9 demonstration
Chili Cook off. $25.00 per entry. If you want to participate, contact us.
Learn what K-9 Partners is all about & visit booths of local businesses
We will have things for sale too
Arrow Lodge Brewing
720 E. Arrow Hwy, Covina
5:00 PM until closing
Admission $50.00
Hamburgers and Beer on the menu
August 1, 2017"National Night Out" - We will be there!!
Covina Park
301 4th Street, Covina
Raffles, food, music, booths
August 18, 2017Muttball
Ticket $100.00 each
November 6, 2017Golf Tournament in conjuntion with Covina Chamber of Commerce
San Dimas

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