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Picture of Jarno

Jarno is a Belgian Malinois, born January 1, 2014.
His partner and handler is David Meadows.  The Covina Police Department placed Jarno in Service March 2015.

Jarno's paw print


Officer Meadows was hired by the Covina Police Department as a reserve Police Officer in 2013.  Approximately 10 months later, Officer Meadows earned a spot as a full time Police Officer.   He had aspirations of becoming a K-9 Handler.  In preparation, he earned his K-9 agitator certificate then advanced agitator certificate.   Officer Meadows diligently trained with Officers Rasmussen and Seylani, building his knowledge and expertise for the position.  Officer Meadows is grateful to our community and the Covina Police Department and K-9 Partners of Covina for this wonderful opportunity.   Officer Meadows' aspiration became a reality in 2019 to serve our community with is K-9 partner, Jarno.

Picture of Officer Meadows and Jarno
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