Meet Atos

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Covina Police Department's

Canine Program


Meet Atos 


Atos is a Belgian Malinois.  He was born

September 2, 2014. 

Atos' partner and handler is Joe Seylani.  

Atos is Covina's newest K-9 officer placed in service August 2018


Joseph Seylani was hired by the Covina Police Dept. in 2013 after earning his Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.  Officer Seylani worked a variety of assignments within the department such as Honor Guard and homeless outreach.  Officer Seylani had the passion and aspiration to become a K9 Handler.   After Covina Police acquired Jarno in 2015, Officer Selylani attended agitator school to train with Jarno and Officer Rassmussen. He built a foundation of knowledge, and first hand involvement which lead to his eventual position of Handler.

Thanks to our community and K9 Partners of Covina, in 2018 Officer Seylani's aspiration became a reality.