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Meet Atos

Non-Profit support for the
Covina Police Department's
Canine Program

Picture of Atos
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Meet Atos 


Atos is a Belgian Malinois.  He was born
September 2, 2014. 
Atos' partner and handler is Joe Seylani.  
Atos was placed in service August 2018

Picture of Atos

Joseph Seylani was hired by the Covina Police Dept. in 2013 after earning his Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.  Officer Seylani worked a variety of assignments within the department such as Honor Guard and homeless outreach.  Officer Seylani had the passion and aspiration to become a K9 Handler.   After Covina Police acquired Jarno in 2015, Officer Selylani attended agitator school to train with Jarno and Officer Rassmussen. He built a foundation of knowledge, and first hand involvement which lead to his eventual position as Handler.

Thanks to our community and K9 Partners of Covina, in 2018 Officer Seylani's aspiration became a reality.

Picture of Officer Seylani at school with Atos
Officer Seylani with Atos
Atos with Santa
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